Just a hint to another article this time. Referring to my last posting on ContentSphere, I wrote an article for Music Think Tank, “Mobile Connect-with-Fans for DIY Artists – Why, and How?”. Please feel free to comment there.

After having posted on some forums, googling around etc., I finally was able to find services of the kind I was in search for – offering artists apps which they can share with their fans to directly connect. Also, one the companies (Songpier) commented on my article. Other ones are listed in my article on Music Think Tank.

Now, if you needed any further confirmation – please immediately go visit Midem’s website. The Midem blog features an article on “Music mobile apps and music streaming services”, including an excellent study compiled by Nielsen for MidemNet Lab MIDEM (link to download form).

Actually, it’s the result of a survey of well beyond 25.000 online consumers in more than 50 markets worldwide. Do yourself a favour, fill-in the form, and download the study. If you had any doubt about my article – read it.

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