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SONGPIER (http://www.songpier.com) is the first and only online service specifically suited for artists which is capable of building, managing and distributing mobile apps affordable for any musician. SONGPIER apps run on smartphones, iPad and other tablet devices out of the box. WebApps by SONGPIER are the most efficient way for artists to share music, latest news, tour dates, pictures, merchandise and other content with fans in real-time, everywhere. With SONGPIER, any DIY artist is able to interact with fans in order to convert casual music fans into loyal fans, and loyal fans into paying customers – and the starter plan comes for free.

According to Nielsen
, mobile music applications for consumers will see an extreme growth in 2011. A recent survey, conducted with more than 25.000 consumers across 53 markets worldwide shows artist related applications emerging as one out of three categories in demand most. Half of 20-29 year olds is interested in mobile apps, and still more than one third over the total of all age segments. The demand in artist apps is at least similar to or even higher than that in streaming apps in 3 out of 5 continents, including Europe.

Now, for the first time ever artist apps are being made available and affordable to any artist. With SONGPIER, every artist is able to build an exclusive community for his fanbase. Latest updates on gigs and releases can be sent to HTML5 compatible smartphones ready to be shared by fans instantly.

Web-based service SONGPIER generates flexible apps to be distributed to fans, meant to be shared with their friends and followers legally and for free. The comfortable cockpit allows for editing all content in one place, with one-click posting to the artist’s app and to social media networks at the same time. It saves precious time to focus on music, while SONGPIER helps the artist to learn who the most street-teaming fans are and provides the connection to reward them individually. Increasing the community’s members’ status and motivation is essential due to attention being one of today’s most valuable currencies.

The content management interface is as easy to handle as a social media’s profile. No coding, plain text only. Once the content is completed, a link is generated. This link can be shared via Facebook and Twitter, by newsletter, on the artist’s site, even in a mail’s signature. When opened in a smartphone’s browser, just click on „add to home screen”. No installation procedure, no app store approval necessary. The number of instances allowed to be installed by fans is unlimited. SONGPIER’s starter package comes entirely for free: No monthly fee, no one-time fee – making it the perfect solution for mobile marketing for DIY artists.

The essential and ground-breaking DIY marketing tool has been nominated for MidemNet Lab’s Top Ten finalists in mobile applications.

If you want to check out SONGPIER you might be lucky to receive one of our strictly limited accounts for the  Closed Beta Phase when registering at http://songpier.com.

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