zoe leela.

Licensing Consultancy. 09/2009 - 12/2013.

Zoe.Leela’s music is a glittering and raunchy, yet sometimes melancholic mix of highly danceable pop and electronica.

The very challenge was the release of her music under Creative Commons licences. A clear position and a political statement. Releasing music using Creative Commons in Germany meant to deliberately avoid the membership of Germany’s only collection society GEMA. Which in turn led to almost zero radio play due to the music-economical system. More than that, standing up to harsh and often insulting criticism from within the music industry proved her bravery.

Zoe’s input was crucial in launching the C3S as an alternative to GEMA.

I advised Zoe Leela and her management in licensing issues and placed her in panels and discussions at leading German music conferences. Consultancies included the preparation of panels, talks and interviews.