In 2010, Berlin Music Week became the umbrella for all2gethernow, Jazzkomm, Popkomm and a large scale music festival at Airfield Tempelhof and several other locations. Despite the fact that all booths were organised and managed by Popkomm it was all2gethernow who took a gigantic leeap forward.

The conference boasted 131 sessions. 5 of which were managed by Popkomm, 7 by Jazzkomm, 9 by telecom shop 4010 — and 110 sessions by the team of all2gethernow.

As co-curators (or Co-Heads of Programme), Andrea Goetzke and me were in charge of identifying topics and speakers. We drafted the right formats and casted moderators. We handled the speaker management including communication and booking.

The 56 sessions I produced were mainly focused on music business, technology, licensing and DIY artists. Speakers I added to our line-up included Martin Atkins, Zoë Keating, Scott Cohen, Rupert Hine, Tim Clark, Jean Littolff, Jill Sobule, Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Mike Masnick, Nancy Baym, Eliot Van Buskirk, Martin Thörnkvist, Shamal Ranasinghe, Paul Dalen, Oke Göttlich, Will Page, Yousef Hammoudah and more.

Recommended recordings of sessions

The featured panels and topics represent a sample of my contributions to Berlin Music Week 2010. The entire programme is still available online. Not every session was recorded.


With composer team Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil, and Thierry Baujard (Just Temptation), moderation by Michael P. Aust. (details)


With Steffen Holly, Matthias Glatschke (pierlane), Sven Morawek, Frank Prengel, Fabien Röhlinger. (details)


With Steve Lawson and Zoë Keating. (details)


Rupert Hine interviewed by Alex Tobin. (details)


With Kilian Steiner (GEMA), Volker Tripp (IDeology), Boris Mezga (artist), John Hendrik Weitzmann (Creative Commons), Meik Michalke (C3S). (details)


With Jill Sobule, Nancy Baym, Micki Krimmel, Allison Shaw. (details)


With Eberhard Kromer, Silvia Moisig, Lorenz Schmid, Monika Bestle, Wieland Harms, Ole Seelenmeyer. (details)


With Moto Boy, Nancy Baym, Saroop Oommen, Ruth Daniel. (details)