all2gethernow 2009 included a series of concerts surrounding the convention in Berlin. To attract more attendees and to conclude the convention a free concert was planned with donations for the performers. I reached out to Amanda Palmer. She was the perfect fit as the most successful DIY artist to think of and she happened to be in the UK.

She called back, emails flew to and fro, and within a few days we got it fixed. I convinced Amanda to participate in a panel. For the gig she brought Kim Boekbinder (Vermillion Lies) and Neil Gaiman.

After the announcement on ContentSphere, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman multiplied the reach. The positive feedback was overwhelming.

The concert (live video) attracted about 750 people. Some of them were traveling to Berlin just to be part of the event. Amanda’s addition to the panel significantly increased the number of attendees for the convention.