When Germany’s most important music conference Popkomm had been cancelled on short notice in 2009, it was grassroots un-convention all2gethernow that filled the void. And it was here to stay.

Following a Twitter call to replace and break down the conservative, dust preserving ruins of Popkomm, a small team gathered in Berlin. Within nine weeks of preparation an intimate convention arose from the music, culture and blogger communities of Berlin and beyond.

Previously, I had translated musicologist Andrew Dubber’s book “The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online”. I convinced him to submit a paper for Popkomm and join in as a speaker, adding a fresh breeze to a rusty business. With the cancellation of Popkomm I immediately contacted the all2gethernow team in Berlin.

I joined as a curator for five sessions on licensing and DIY music, moderated two panels and presented one topic on my own. With a timeframe of less than one week, I did the booking and arrangement of a gig by Amanda Palmer — which turned out to be the musical highlight of the convention.

Session videos: