[Press Release]

7 Nov. 2011, Munich/Berlin – At music conference all2gethernow 2011, pierlane announced a major update to the company’s app service Songpier – the most important one since Songpier’s launch. It enables all artists to get backend access to the statistics of their apps, including analytics of views, device types and platforms. No stopping here, as Songpier opens up for video streaming now – allowing links from YouTube and Vimeo. On top of that, Songpier is offering label accounts matching the demand in managing a roster of multiple artists with a single account.

Analytics of distribution channels and access to songs is what artists, labels and management crave about. It’s essential if you want to know where to improve. So here it is – Songpier shows you the number of visits and hits to your apps, as well as how many times your tracks have been played via Songpier. More than that, pie charts help you in exactly analyzing from which device types and platforms access has been logged. All statistics are available for any existing account and for time ranges free to define. Be prepared to see analytical features expanded shortly.

Another major demand has been in embedding video streams in a Songpier. That’s what we did. Instead of sticking with the backend menu’s „Pictures“ option we changed that to „Media“. Songpier let’s you add pictures and build galleries just like before, but you may as well add video links. Simply save your YouTube or Vimeo links, and your videos will be available for streaming in an embedded video player on your mobile device. Yes, it’s not one or the other – it’s access to both services you get.

With the demand in Songpier accounts ever increasing and the number of artists enlisted climbing high, there’s the need from labels and management to handle more than just one act efficiently. By now, apart from single artist accounts, pierlane is also offering Label Accounts. Managing multiple artists’ mobile promotion channels has never been easier. With Songpier, any label – no matter how large or small – is able to manage its artists information right from one desk. Curious to sign in as a label? Sign in at Songpier and try your personal label account for free.

New features are being launched today, and artists and labels worldwide will immediately be able to benefit from the major update – please go to your usual account, and find it pimped up and ready for a ride.

Though everything at Songpier is free still, some of the services announced today are nearing payed-only status soon.

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