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Munich, 6th June 2011. – SONGPIER, apps generating service by pierlane GmbH, has hit public beta. Literally every artist looking to cater his fans a unique mobile application is free to do so now. SONGPIER is available online for free and requires a registration, one audio upload, and filling in some information. Within half an hour, the premium quality app is ready to go – no coding, yet compatible with iOS and Android out of the box.

During Future Music Camp 2011 at Mannheim’s Popakademie, pierlane’s CEO Matthias Glatschke unveiled SONGPIER’s Public Beta mode. To celebrate the event, pierlane gave away ten Featured Artists’ slots on their homepage via the conference to bands and solo artists Able and Cain, Any of Both, Berge, Doppeleffekt!, Flashing Lights, In Legend, J.B.O., Lingua Loca, Marie & the redCat., and We Invented Paris. All artists are to receive promotion and dedicated support by SONGPIER. Winners from similar sweepstakes at Free Music Archive and netlabelism.com will be added.

To help shape the best workflow experience in SONGPIER, pierlane most importantly collaborated with experienced musicians and independent labels throughout the globe. The feedback has been overwhelming. Don Bowyer, trombone player and teacher at University of Alabama at Huntsville, posted “Thank you to the whole team at Songpier! Our Music Technology class used Songpier this semester to create apps”, while U2 support act Moonalice is just thrilled to use it: “As soon as I read about Songpier in Wired, I could see the potential and wanted Moonalice to be the first band in the US to leverage this, so I talked the Songpier guys into letting the band be a part of the closed beta test” says the band’s social media maven Gail Barnes.

German labels Piranha and City Slang got immediately hooked, building gorgeous looking apps for acts Watcha Clan, Herman Dune and Ema. Stephan Rombach, consulting both labels, states: “Songpier is an amazing tool both in regards to userfriendlyness and effectiveness. A great addition to a independent labels´s constant efforts to promote new artists and new music. Plus it looks great!”

The app generating service allows for straightforward handling – you can’t go wrong. Fill in your data like lyrics, bio, shop links, pictures, tour dates, news: Within minutes you are holding a mobile device sporting a smart and smoothly designed cutting-edge app. YOUR app. Linking to YOUR value chain.

You can use a generated URL linking to the app, and a QR code for visual sharing in print and on web sites. Full integration of social media services enables you and most importantly your fans to instantly share the app for free. News and tour dates can be posted once to multiple services at the same time. In case you are adding or changing information – don’t worry, the link remains the same.

As Matthias Glatschke explained, the wide array of top-notch features will be expanded to include even more benefits. Expect drag and drop all over the administration interface, a set of statistics and metrics in the backend, Soundcloud integration, upload and embedding of videos, label accounts to manage more than one artist, and more to be announced very soon.

SONGPIER’s free apps are web based and independent from any app store. They are running on iOS and Android, on smartphones and tablets, and even in your desktop browser.

Switching to Public Beta has made the service available to all musicians worldwide. It’s the opportunity for all independent artists to go mobile. Wherever your fan is – catch up with him when he’s emotionalized most. Make the Point of Emotion your Point of Sales… and it’s you who is in control of all content anytime.

You are invited to enjoy the SONGPIER service (http://songpier.com). Generate your own apps – let fans grab your app, and spread your app. Here’s examples of piers from artists who supported SONGPIER throughout the closed beta – preferrably to be viewed on your mobile:

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