I sincerely like to apologize for the awkward lengthy downtimes of ContentSphere just recently. Apparently, some modules in my blog software (Serendipity) is not working that great. There’s a constant overflow of a module intended to block spam – though it appears to block access rather. Secondly, I just found an error in yet another backend module steering the graphics.

But bear with me, rescue is on the way!

Actually, even before I got into this hassle, I decided to part with Serendipity for a number of reasons. Shortly, there will be a switch to WordPress accompanied with…

  • an all new design,
  • all new logo,
  • neat & clean categories to choose from,
  • a separation of feeds (business, private, geo location)

… and lots more.

Also, the blog will benefit from my engagement with Marcel Weiß’s blog neumusik.com. Since neumusik is entirely German (language-wise), I’m presenting some of the content or related articles in English right here on ContentSphere. You may consider it as two blog siblings.


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