I told you, we soon would change the main host for the files – due to GEMA (Germany’s collecting society). Hosting the files myself would make my blog a shop – even if the download’s for free. Plus I would have to report the hosting to GEMA, despite the fact it’s all Creative Commons music. It’s crazy but it’s a fact.

And here we are! At the a2n event [access protected, 2016-03-10], I met Jason Sigal. He’s the man behind Free Music Archive. FMA is based on a brilliant idea: archiving free music under making it accessible at a kind of one-stop service. He opened the archive for our compilation of Creative Commons music and invited us to being hosted at Free Music Archive. More than that – he blogged an article featuring all2gethernow. Thank you Jason.

I changed the link to all2gethernow’s Creative Commons music compilation in my post, but here it is once more for direct access at FMA.

Just have a look yourself at the whole thing – currently, there are about 25.000 (!) songs available at FMA. It’s legal, and it’s free. All curated by different people like netlabels of course, Creative Commons, and a whole bunch of others. So you will only find selected content. Music that is worth listening to. There’s charts, information on the artists etc. – it’s beautifully done by people like Jason. Guys who love what they’re doing.

Take your time and enjoy FMA.

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