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date conference city country topic media
2016-11-10 Most Wanted: Music Berlin Germany Panel Discussion: Blockchain: Holy Grail and Game Changer?

Guests: Florian Richter (DOMUS; brandnewmusic), Peter Harris (Resonate), Steffen Holly (Fraunhofer IDMT), Jens-Markus Wegener (Imagem), Elén Leoni Meißner (Viacom)
Moderation & Curation: Wolfgang Senges, Stephan Benn (Lawyer)
2015-02-25 Music 4.5 London UK Panel Discussion: Global and UGC – the new licensing territory?

Guests: Magali Clapier (Transparency Rights Management), Jane Dyball (MCPS/IMPEL/PMLL), Alan Graham (OCL), Wolfgang Senges
Mod.: Ben Drury (7digital)
2015-02-25 Music 4.5 London UK The New Challengers: C3S – a new European collecting society

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges
2015-01-20 Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg – University of Popular Music and Musical Business Mannheim Germany Introduction to C3S SCE

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges
2014-10-23 SAE Alumni Conference Berlin Germany C3S: An Unexpected Journey.

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges
2014-09-27 nEUROPA Dresden Germany C3S: An overview / with discussion.

Guests: Wolfgang Senges, Jolana Zemanová (Vice-Chairman OSA), Nikola Sekulovic (Musician), Markus Rennhack (Kick The Flame Musikverlag)
Mod.: Armin Siebert (Eastblok Music)
2014-09-05 Berlin Music Week Berlin Germany C3S: Experiences in building the better collection society.

Guests: Wolfgang Senges, Sven Scholz, Holger Schwetter
Interviewed by Klaus Gropper
video (German)
2014-08-08 evoke Cologne Germany Collabs + CC + Collecting Society = C3S!

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges and m.eik michalke
2014-06-27 c/o pop Cologne Germany C3S: Q&A with the members of the administrational board
2014-06-26 Barcamp #2 of C3S SCE Düsseldorf Germany various sessions
2014-05-08 Interview: Phonolog.fm Berlin Germany PHL011 Faire Verwertung mit der C3S

Guests: Wolfgang Senges, Danny Bruder
Interviewed by: Matthias Fromm, Bony Stoev
2014-03-07 SXSW Music Austin, TX USA Winner @ Startup Dating Game

Candidates: Lori Cheek, Felix Weis, Wolfgang Senges
Investor: Dai Truong
2014-01-17 7th Annual Conference of the Association of Cultural Management Kufstein Austria Applied Strategies 1: Crowdfunding

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges
slides (German)
2013-11-22 SoundTrack_Cologne Cologne Germany Future strategies for a global market. Collection societies heading towards the Digital Society. / Zukunftsstrategien für einen globalen Markt. Verwertungsgesellschaften auf dem Weg in die Digitale Gesellschaft.

Guests: Simon Darlow (PRS for Music), Thimo Prziklang (GEMA), Wolfgang Senges (C3S), Micki Meuser (Komponist, Defkom/mediamusic/Domus)
Mod.: Matthias Hornschuh, Stephan Benn
2013-11-10 BerMuDa (Berlin Music Days) Berlin Germany Crowdfunding – criteria for a successful campaign / Crowdfunding – Faktoren für eine erfolgreiche Kampagne

Guests: Elia Rediger (The Bianca Story), Wolfgang Senges, Franz Thiem & Tobias Damm (Institut für Zukunft)
Mod.: Melina Roshard (Wemakeit), Fritz Dyckerhoff (nordstarter.org)
2013-11-07 BerMuDa (Berlin Music Days) Berlin Germany GEMA 2014: What’s the current status? / GEMA 2014: Wie ist der aktuelle Stand?

Guests: Bruno Kramm (Piratenpartei), Olaf Möller (LiveKomm), Wolfgang Senges (C3S), Ralf Kollmann (mobilee Records)
Mod.: Raimund Reintjes
2013-10-07 Cologne Commons Cologne Germany Where should creators go? To GEMA or to the C3S? / Wohin als Urheber? Zur GEMA oder zur C3S?

Guests: Wolfgang Senges (C3S SCE), Matthias Hornschuh (Composer, GEMA)
Mod.: Frank Stoffel
2013-09-25 Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg Germany C3S Foundation Meeting & Press Conference
2013-09-20 Filmwerkstatt München Munich Germany C3S: Concept / Q&A

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges
2013-09-07 muzup Workshop Berlin Germany C3S, GEMA and Intellectual Property – an Introduction

Workshop by Wolfgang Senges
2013-09-06 Berlin Music Week Berlin Germany Copyright collecting societies at the European level – an evaluation

Guests: Roxanne de Bastion (artist), Kelvin Smits (Younison), m.eik michalke (C3S SCE), Shigs Amemiya (imusician), Paulo Manuel Mesquita Leite
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges
2013-08-23 Creative Commons Global Summit 2013 Buenos Aires Argentina C3S: The Concept.

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges.
2013-06-13 EU XXL Forum 2013 Vienna Conference of European Film, Media, and Policy Vienna Austria Q&A: C3S, the new collecting society / Q&A: Die neue Verwertungsgesellschaft C3S

Guests: Wolfgang Senges
Interviewed by: Andy Baum (Songwriter)
audio (German)
2013-04-17 LiveKomm Leipzig Germany C3S: the Perspective Of Club Owners and Promoters / C3S aus Sicht der Clubs und Veranstalter

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges
2013-03-12 SXSW Music Austin, TX USA C3S: Putting the Revenue in Creative Commons – SXSW Music 2013

Guests: Jason Sigal, Chris Zabriskie (composer, artist), Wolfgang Senges
slides, audio
2012-11-16 Soundtrack Cologne Cologne Germany Asking C3S / Fragen an die C3S

Guest: Wolfgang Senges
Interviewed by Markus Rennhack
2012-10-20 Netzpolitischer Kongress – Die Grünen Berlin Germany Collection Societies / Verwertungsgesellschaften

Guests: Claudia Roth (Die Grünen), Zoe.Leela (artist), Wolfgang Senges, Prof. Dr. Enjott Schneider (GEMA, Komponist)
2012-10-18 SAE Berlin Germany Collection Socities & DIY

Guests: Sascha Kösch (De:bug, DJ), Wolfgang Senges, René Rennefeld (vuenv media GmbH)
Mod.: Tom Wendt
2012-09-28 Social Media Week Berlin Germany “Music – Online – Everywhere: But what’s in it for the money?

Guests: Wolfgang Senges and others
Mod.: Eric Eitel
2012-09-02 C3S Barcamp Berlin Germany C3S’s first barcamp – crowdfunded by the community.
2012-08-24 media evolution Malmø Sweden Introduction to C3S

Presentation by Wolfgang Senges
2012-06-21 c’n’b Cologne Germany The Parliament of Intellectual Property / Das Urheberrechtsparlament

Guests: Alexander Wolf (GEMA), Prof. Dr. Karl-Nikolaus Peifer, Wolfgang Senges (C3S), Stefan Herwig
Mod.: Mercedes Bunz
2012-05-11 Future Music Camp Mannheim Germany C3S: Creative Commons Collecting Society Workshop

Session by Wolfgang Senges
2011-11-05 all2gethernow 2011 Berlin Germany Consuming music tomorrow / Musikkonsum von morgen

Guests: Stephan Baumann (DFKI), Lars Baumann (Student), Christophe Stoll (precious), Felix Schramm (Rammstein Management)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges
2011-11-05 all2gethernow 2011/td> Berlin Germany Learnings from Crowdfunding

Guests: Paul Barton (PledgeMusic), Lucian Busse (Film Director), Konrad Lauten (inkubato)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges
2011-11-03 all2gethernow 2011 Berlin Germany Mobile Apps

Workshop by Wolfgang Senges
2011-10-22 transit4 – Creativity & Ownership: A Media and Design Symposium Augsburg Germany C3S: Exploiting Creative Commons Licensed Music by a Collecting Society / C3S: Verwertung von Musik unter Creative Commons in einer Verwertungsgesellschaft

Presentation by: Wolfgang Senges
video / slides (German)
2011-10 Wertevolle Zukunft Hamburg Germany Music in Web 2.0 Between Ownership and Commons / Musik im Web 2.0 im Spannungsfeld von Eigentum und Gemeingut

Workshop by Wolfgang Senges
2011-09-24 Reeperbahn Festival/Campus Hamburg Germany a2n_CONNECT :: Old Stagers & Young Nerds – Jointly Forward Business Thinking / a2n_CONNECT :: Alte Hasen und junge Füchse – Gemeinsam das Business nach vorne denken

Guests: Dirk Darmstaedter (Artist), Kai Wingenfelder (Artist)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges, Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernow)
2011-09-08 Popkomm_MediaGate 2011 Berlin Germany Easy, Free & Efficient. Cross-OS Mobile Promotion with Songpier. / Einfach, kostenlos und effizient. Plattformübergreifendes Marketing auf Mobilgeräten mit Songpier.

Presentation by: Matthias Glatschke (pierlane/Songpier), Wolfgang Senges
2011-09-07 all2gethernow 2011 // a2n_werkstatt Berlin Germany Promotion on Mobile Devices: Why, how & what to look out for / Promotion on Mobile Devices: Warum, wie & worauf muss ich achten?

Workshop by: Wolfgang Senges
2011-09-07 all2gethernow 2011 // a2n_werkstatt Berlin Germany a2n_CONNECT :: Strategies in Do-It-Together: Why Collaboration & Cooperation Can Help …And How To Do It / a2n_CONNECT :: Strategien des Do-It-Together: Warum Zusammenarbeit & Kooperation helfen kann… und wie man’s anstellt

Guests: Jovanka v. Wilsdorf (Composer & Artist), Eric Eckhart (Artist), Julian Butz (We Invented Paris Management), Sam Wareing (Artist)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges, Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernow)
interview (video)
2011-08-06 Creative Summer Camp Leipzig Germany Mobile Promotion: What has to be considered when building your own app? / Mobile Marketing: Was ist bei der Erstellung einer eigenen App zu beachten?

Workshop by: Wolfgang Senges
2011-06-24 c’n’b 2011 Cologne Germany Do-It-Yourself // Do-It-Together – Opportunities and Constraints of new Working Structures for Musicians / Do-It-Yourself // Do-It-Together – Chancen und Grenzen neuer Arbeitstrukturen für Musiker

Guests: Ruth Daniel (UnConvention), Bob Humid (Artist), René Pickhardt (Social Media Consultant), Berthold Seliger (Tour Promoter)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges, Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernow)
2011-05-27 Future Music Camp 2011 Mannheim Germany a2nCONNECT ::Technology in DIY/DIT – How high is the benefit? / a2nCONNECT :: Technologie in DIY/DIT – Wie groß ist der Nutzen?

Guests: Stefan Peter Roos (Proud Sourcing), Steffen Holly (AUPEO!), Stephan Baumann (Fraunhofer Institute)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges, Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernow)
2011-05-12 FH Potsdam Potsdam Germany Shift in Society: Future in Cultural Work & for Creative Workers / Gesellschaft im Wandel: Die Zukunft der Arbeit für Kultur & Kreativarbeiter.

Guests: Jonathan Imme, Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernow), Wolfgang Senges
2011-04-17 Die Verstärker Erlangen Germany Free Culture in Music Business / Free Culture in der Musikwirtschaft

Presentation by: Wolfgang Senges, Ela Kagel (Supermarkt Berlin)
2011-04-14 re:publica 2011 Berlin Germany Music! Painting The Day After The Revolution / Music! Wie sieht’s nach der Revolution aus?

Guests: Wolfgang Senges, Simona Levi (Cultural Activist), Till Kreutzer (iRights.info), Hendrik Menzl (Audiolith)
Mod.: Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernow)
2011-01-28 transmediale_Free Culture Incubator Berlin Germany Workshop No. 3: Music Business and Free Culture

Workshop by: Wolfgang Senges, Andrea Goetzke (all2gethernow)
2010-09-07 all2gethernow 2010 Berlin Germany Getting Paid For Creative Commons Licensed Content – Sounds Weird? / Geld für Creative Commons lizenzierte Inhalte – verquere Idee?

Guests: Zoe Leela (Artist), Thomas Ternes (Zoe Leela Management), Danny Bruder (Artist & Cultural Activist), Volker Tripp (IDeology), Stefan Wieduwilt (WIEDUWILT Film & TV Production)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges
2010-09-06 BerlinMusicWeek_all2gethernow 2010 Berlin Germany C3S: A Collecting Society based on Creative Commons – and it’s no Typo / C3S: Eine Verwertungsgesellschaft basierend auf Creative Commons – kein Tippfehler

Presentation by: Wolfgang Senges, Michael Weller (European Academy of Law & Computing (EEAR)), m.eik michalke (OpenMusicContest.org e.V.)
2010-06-11 Cologne Commons Cologne Germany Creative Commons – Whazzup with NC?! / Creative Commons – Was heißt schon NC?!

Guests: Wolfgang Senges, Andreas Gebhard (newthinking communications), m.eik michalke (OpenMusicContest.org e.V.), Volker Tripp (IDeology)
Mod.: Marco Medkour (Cologne Commons)
2009-09-17 all2gethernow 2009 Berlin Germany Do-It-Yourself Artists (Q & A)

Guests: Amanda Palmer (Artist), Georgia Wonder (Artists)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges, Björn M. Braun (SellYourRights)
video pt. 1, video pt. 2
2009-09-16 all2gethernow 2009 Berlin Germany Collecting Societies & Licence Management / Verwertungsgesellschaften und Rechtemanagement

Guests: Till Jaeger (JBB Lawyers), Danny Bruder (Artist & Cultural Activist), Kilian Steiner (GEMA), Laurent Kratz (Jamendo), Eberhard Kromer (Lawyer)
Mod.: Wolfgang Senges, John Hendrik Weitzmann (Lawyer)