The crowdfunding of C3S aimed at two goals.

First, in order to benefit from a funding by the German Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), the C3S needed to provide 50% of project fundings. Limited only to a maximum of 200,000 €, NRW was going to double any amount C3S would come up with.

Secondly, the main purpose was to strategically increase the public awareness of C3S and therefore to expand the number of supporters. Hence, the ultimate goal was to build a growing basis of members and then to foster it.

It took 10 hard months of work, but after all the preparations and the campaign itself, finally, the mission had been accomplished successfully.

The resulted from this effort, including two crowdfunding campaigns, plus the seed capital, and the funding from NRW yielded 370,000 € in total — with all costs paid.

C3S received generous support from about 2,000 backers.

As part of the campaign, within six months about 3,000 shares worth 50 € each were purchased by more than 700 members.