To foster the work of all2gethernow, we planned to extend the conference format into seminars and workshops taking place in the off-conference time.

Curators of all2gethernow at that time were Andrea Goetzke and me. In a team of two we drafted and moulded the programme of a2n2010 before. The all2gethernow CONNECT project therefore was developed by the two of us as well.

We started with workshops at barcamps and other conventions. This included Future Music Camp at the University of Popular Music Baden Württemberg (Mannheim, pictured right) as well as widely respected re:publica (Berlin). Other hosting conferences were Reeperbahn Festival (Sept 24, 2011) and C’n’B Cologne (June 24, 2011).

In the years to come, the series developed into evening talks in Berlin and finally to a close cooperation with noisy Academy.