adore is a mashup of flattr and personal radio: Automagically distribute monthly donations to all artists (and involved creators) whose music you are listening to. This is adore. adore is like donating to your personal radio.

No matter if you already paid for the music you are listening to or not. adore recognizes the tracks you play. Therefore, depending on how often you play a track, all artists receive more or less. Moreover, it’s up to you to define your monthly amount of donations.

But most importantly, it is a tool for non-established artists who lack a distribution infrastructure. Because the idea of the service aims at supporting unsigned artists. It is their listeners and core fans who provide these niche artists with the means to pay the rent. With adore, financial revenue doesn’t stop with the purchase. Also, compared with streaming, the pay-per-play for artists is much higher — even when the donation is low.