For 10 years I used to be employed at companies. For another 8 years now I have been working as a freelancer. That is a pretty long time. I have learned one thing for sure: Teams made up of freelancers are highly motivated. It’s like they are on dope. They stand even the most heavy work loads. Despite of that they are relaxed most of the time. They love their work. Every project is new and adventurous. Hiring freelancers is a good decision. It adds a fresh breeze to your team.

However, as an employer you can’t be 100% sure if the freelancer of your choice is top notch. On the other hand it’s easier to switch to another freelancer than it is to hire an employee — and to fire him.

Hiring freelancers by recommendation.

If you have been satisfied with the work of a freelancer you might try to hire him again. But what if he or she is not available? Or if it’s a task he is not qualified for?

It is tedious to search freelancer pools for the one who matches your demand. You are losing time that is better spent on your project. Therefore you can ask the freelancer you trust for a colleague to recommend.

The next step in reccommendation is a network of individual freelancers trusting each other. It is like multiplying your request at once.

It is relationships and experience that matter.

Ever since I started working as a freelancer, my network of contacts has grown like never before. Most of the people I worked with became my friends. We know how the other one works. We know if we can work together. We know who’s reliable. We know who’s providing excellent results… and who’s not.

I have been lucky to work with some of the most talented freelancers in their field. Even if you collaborate online the cooperation always turns out fruitful, efficient, and entertaining. If you look at the ContentSphere portfolio you can find events like all2gethernow and Berlin Music Week. There is a concert by Amanda Palmer and a compilation of music by Creative Commons artists. And there is the Cultural Commons Collecting Society.

All of these projects were based on teams consisting of freelancers.

The destillery of freelance quality.

ContentSphere is a network of freelancers who have worked together. It is the condensate of freelancers I have worked with. New members are added if they provide at least three recommendations from within the network. In addition, their previous work will be checked in detail. ContentSphere might part with freelancers. Standards are kept high, and we are monitoring all current and future works.

The team.

The scope of skills we represent is, well, vast. Whether it is copywriting, grant writing, coding, designing, photo shooting, curating, campaigning, managing or composing… it is just an excerpt of what we have on offer. But there is one thing in common: We all have strong passion for creativity. This is why we focus on music, media, technology, events and startups.

Within the next weeks a team page will be added. Each member is featured by core skills and can be contacted individually. So if you are hiring freelancers you should bookmark ContentSphere or subscribe to our newsletter.

If you would like to hire more than one of us, please contact me.

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