Yeah, I know. It is from 2007. BUT – do yourself a favour and read it.

Andrew Dubber is known for being a lecturer, a music industries consultant doing un-consultancies, an entertaining blogger, and a trustworthy man true to his principles. Some of these are “only free music gets it started”, “free music is no strategy”, “DRMs are not useful” and most all – helping independent musicians to thrive by mastering new media technology.

It is a great book – motivating, advising, and entertaining at the same time. You’re in the music biz? Read it. Get a grip of the changes the market is going through right now. Take your advantages out of it. More than ever, you can do it now. You’re not into music at all? Read it anyway. It’s uplifting and truely helpful.

And on top, now there’s even a German translation to it. I’ve liked the book so much – I just translated it. Also, there are translations to Spanish and Chinese. Well, these I didn’t translate, to be honest. Fellow translators Ismael Valladolid Torres and Tze-Ern Liew did a perfect job on these.

See also the all new page on ebooks…

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