Sometimes, things simply happen. There are a few coincidental moments which start a whole chain of terrific encounters. Now, if this leads to discovering new music, it gets a full-fledged Mike-Masnick-“connect with fans” experience. Somewhat surreal, yet very real.

It’s been about two weeks ago when I received a tweet from netlabel Rec72. They recommended an artist to me, Zoe.LeelA – in particular because of ContentSphere’s Creative Commons focus.

To be honest, I get a LOT of recommendations, links, or artist followers via Twitter. And I really like that. I follow each and every person back who’s in the music business. That’s the premise. But I don’t have the time to check back all music (which is a shame).

Luckily, I did this time.

Zoe.LeelA’s EP “Queendom Come” went straight into my playlist. Sure the guy (or girl) from Rec72 doesn’t know my likes and dislikes… but he aimed into the blue and hit exactly.

It’s electronic music, spiced up with a grain of hip-hop, and a good deal of soul. Let me put it that way. Where Sarah Fimm tends to be more percussive, Zoe.LeelA’s tunes have that melodic hook that keeps stuck in your head. It’s one of that rare occasions you are glad they do.

Apart from Sarah Fimm, it is (at times) that Ladytron comes to mind, or Charlotte Martin’s “Stromata”. Or even Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine”.

Her lush vocals are prominently featured – and they deserve to. Easily, Zoe.LeelA’s voice stands out from the masses. Her music is impressive. I thanked Rec72 for the recommendation… just to receive a mail from Zoe herself a few hours after. Same day, we kept exchanging mails about her music, DIY marketing etc. I guess it was about five mails that went to and fro.

A few days later during a visit to Berlin I kept telling people to take a listen. Also, while in Berlin, I attended the first meeting of this year’s all2gethernow. Suddenly, I was approached by that truely gorgeous looking woman: “Hey, you’re Wolfgang, aren’t you?”. You know, that doesn’t exactly happen to me all the time…

That’s Zoe.

I had told her about our meeting, and since she’s quite much into all2gethernow’s approach to music business she is enthusiastic to get involved. Accompanying Zoe.LeelA was Thomas from TOMPiGS.COM, who does all the visualisation for her – videos, pictures, website. He’s providing the professional glam that is essential to Zoe’s appearance. Actually, it’s a hub of several artists and DJs who are working collaboratively, helping each other out, and building upon a common effort.

The tracks released on her debut “Queendom Come” have been produced and recorded by DJ Skywax (Berlin) and Noah Felk of SoHigh.Music (Hamburg). Yet, she started out studying acting in Berlin as well as in New York City at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute before entering music business. Having worked with Dennis Gräf from crossover band Such A Surge, Zoe.LeelA then met Ted Berkley of Etro Anime, constantly fostering her skills and adding more creative output.

Zoe.Leela’s music can be downloaded for free at Rec72. Be sure to visit Zoe’s website too – she’s running a remix contest right now.

If you – as an artist – manage to get connected to a listener the way Zoe did, you can be sure to get word of mouth. You create an event that’s absolutely special and unique to this very person. Something worth to retell.

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