Finally, I decided to change the content design of ContentSphere quite a bit.

Previously, articles have been long. Some very long. Others… well, think of the Chinese Wall. The disadvantage is, the longer the articles are the less frequent there’s a new posting.

From now on, each day will see a very short posting. Some ideas that came to mind. Some link I came across. Some new site worth a mention. It would be really great to get a bit of feedback from your side relating to these postings. Because, based on these I decide which short article or new issue is worthwhile to work out.

Concept is to throw in one longer article (deserving that name) once a week. But don’t expect it to be as long as the chart toppers from previous months – some consisted of more than 10k characters (don’t ask for #1… 18k).

Maybe I won’t show the discipline to keep up with my new principles but at least I hope so.

Regarding the topics to cover in forthcoming articles, I aim at providing more advice and most of all more exchange and more collaboration. So, you took my advice and it went wrong – the result did not match your expectations? Mail me, post your reaction, whatever. I’d like to learn.

Also, shortly the static pages are about to be changed and featured more prominently. But that’s another story.

This text has been published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported licence. If you would like to make use of the text or parts of it in a way that goes beyond the scope please get in touch with me.