Today, it is the second and third part of my interview with Wolfram Huschke aka Cellonaut [link broken, 2016-03-10] I present you with.

Here, we get to know about an interesting collaboration between Huschke and the Theatre of Trier’s ballet company. Also, it highlights the economic shortcomings of working within full band context if you are a solo artist.

In part 3, Wolfram Huschke shows the dilemma of an artist presenting himself on MySpace. Being on MySpace is much like opening Pandora’s box… upon the first overwhelming impression there is a good deal of disappointment to it. Is it really worth it? Actually, because of his scepticism in the economic and connective value of MySpace, he did discard and delete his profile several times.

Twitter [link broken, 2016-03-10], in contrary, is cellist Huschke’s social media tool of choice. He elaborates on the inspiration you get from integrating modern social media into a traditional theatre environment, enabling interactivity within a new dimension.

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