About ContentSphere.

Initially, ContentSphere started as a blog in 2008. The following year, Wolfgang Senges added a freelance service to the blog. This included his work for all2gethernow and the translation of Andrew Dubber’s book “The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online” besides other engagements. Now, ContentSphere becomes a team.

Eight years on, we are taking the next step. The ever growing network of freelancers, agencies and artists allows for hiring and coordinating the perfect experts for your projects.

Single freelance jobs.

If you would like to hire one single freelancer check with me first. The scope of my portfolio is wide — it covers event & project management, funding, web design & coding, marketing and writing. So chances are you are lucky.

If the project is lacking expertise that I’m missing — no problem with that, I will find you the right one.

Team jobs.

One freelancer often is not enough. To manage a team of freelancers, let alone to find the right ones is time consuming. I can support you by picking the cherries… within the ContentSphere network, freelancers have smoothly worked with each other.

If coordination and project management is in demand, I can take the lead.

Hold on — any questions?

I’m looking at my phone right now. Call me, and I’ll grab it.

mail: wolfgang.senges /at/ contentsphere.de
phone: +49.173.278 29 57
skype: wolfgang.senges