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Re: ContentSphere Down // Editorial Message

June 25, 2011

I sincerely like to apologize for the awkward lengthy downtimes of ContentSphere just recently. Apparently, some modules in my blog software (Serendipity) is not working that great. There’s a constant overflow of a module intended to block spam – though it appears to block access rather. Secondly, I just found an error in yet another backend module steering the graphics. But bear with me, rescue is on the way!

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It’s A Commercials’ World. But Sometimes A Nice One. (thx to AdTaily & Magix)

November 13, 2010

Recently I hinted at the addition of the AdTaily widget as a part of ContentSphere. First off, to be honest I was a bit sceptical. Though being able to decide which ads get my “go” I expected the usual suspects to ask for ad space. But I was wrong. I think two weeks had passed (or less) with the widget showing a blank “advertise here” square. Then, I got a mail a request for posting an ad was pending. Still, I thought… ok, here they are – where’s the “Thanks, but no, thanks” button? Now I find myself positively surprised […]

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Oops! flattr’s deflated…

October 20, 2010

Just noticed that flattr is down. To avoid extremely long loading I deactivated the flattr buttons until they are up again. Sorry for any inconvenience. flattr, you’d better do better. [Update] Everything’s up again. [Update 2010-10-22 / 12:35 MEST] Everything’s down again. Ok, I made it a sticky now. [Update 2010-10-22 / 13:15 MEST] Everything’s (yet) up again.

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AdSense vs. flattr, Ads vs. Donations – What’s Best? You Decide!

October 16, 2010
Money in hands of beggar

Not long ago, ContentSphere saw a comeback of GoogleAds. I just wanted to give them a serious second try. Yet, now it gets a new twist. As you can see, I also added flattr buttons for the entire blog as well as separate ones for each entry. That means: I’m having two additional streams of revenue. Maybe I should replace the term “streams” by “drops”. However. I’m running a kind of study. What’s the best choice to achieve better revenues? Not that ContentSphere has that much readers (360 feed subscriptions). That’s why I’m not expecting big piles of money. What’s […]

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More Concepts & Ideas to Collaborate With Independent Musicians and Upcoming Media Companies

October 11, 2009
Printing letters spelling b-l-o-g

Finally, I decided to change the content design of ContentSphere quite a bit. Previously, articles have been long. Some very long. Others… well, think of the Chinese Wall. The disadvantage is, the longer the articles are the less frequent there’s a new posting. From now on, each day will see a very short posting. Some ideas that came to mind. Some link I came across. Some new site worth a mention. It would be really great to get a bit of feedback from your side relating to these postings. Because, based on these I decide which short article or new […]

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All new.

January 21, 2009

Welcome to the first days in this blog’s life. Ok, here we go… if you switch to the “Topics” button in the menu above it is quite clear where I am coming from and where I am heading to. The initial idea to start this blog was born during the work on my master thesis last year. The new paradigm in distribution of media that is emerging requires the exchange of thoughts and a common effort to help it make comfortable to live with. The more people join the discussion across blogs, forums and other media, the better the result […]

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