“SpaceNight” und Creative Commons: Wie das Zusammenspiel aussehen kann.

February 20, 2013

Tobias Schwarz macht’s öffentlich: Der Bayerische Rundfunk startet im Herbst wieder seine Reihe “SpaceNight” – aber nach einer Umgestaltung des Konzepts. Dass ein Kernstück des Re-Launchs die durchgängige Verwendung von Musik unter Creative-Commons-Lizenzen ist, freut mich und die Netaudio-Szene natürlich insbesondere. Gemeinsam mit anderen Kollegen der C3S (Cultural Commons Collecting Society) hatte ich – wie wohl so ziemlich jeder, der CC-Musik auch nur ein wenig kennt – genau diesen Schritt als naheliegende Alternative vorgeschlagen (Facebook Link). Explizit formuliert hat es Christian Grasse in seinem öffentlichen Brief an den zuständigen Redakteur Werner Reuß des Bayrischen Rundfunks. Ebenso wie Christian würde ich […]

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Musicians Can’t Cope With Their Own Business

April 22, 2011
Voodoo Doll

Please note: If you’re a musician, feel free to make yourself a voodoo doll of me first. But, before putting the needles in, covering it in tar and feathers, tearing off limbs, and finally setting it on fire… give me break. You can do so after reading this post. Whenever I’m attending any kind of music conference there’s one thing I’m curious about most: How many musicians are to be found at this event? How many of you are attending the seminars, workshops and lectures on schedule? Finally, after resigning once more: Why doesn’t it appeal to you? Obviously, some […]

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MIDEM & Nielsen Confirm the Need for Mobile Apps for Artists

December 19, 2010

Just a hint to another article this time. Referring to my last posting on ContentSphere, I wrote an article for Music Think Tank, “Mobile Connect-with-Fans for DIY Artists – Why, and How?”. Please feel free to comment there. After having posted on some forums, googling around etc., I finally was able to find services of the kind I was in search for – offering artists apps which they can share with their fans to directly connect. Also, one the companies (Songpier) commented on my article. Other ones are listed in my article on Music Think Tank.

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The Missing Link In Connect-with-Fans

December 13, 2010
iPhone 4 displaying broken antenna

There are some issues about connect-with-fans strategies which are hard to solve. I’ve mentioned it a few times – to find the ones that fit you and your image (authenticity), to find the time for marketing and music (responsibility), and of course how to discover and develop new ideas in marketing (creativity). Plus, there are more like timing, choice of tools, the transition from connect-with-fans to reason-to-buy etc. But, just recently, I realised that there is another one. It’s not yet another issue. Actually, it is a crucial gap. It is what keeps DIY artists from managing the next step […]

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Why Fans Don’t Pay You – And Why They Will: Basics of Customer Relationship Success

November 1, 2010

You might have noticed I dropped AdSense. Feels a lot better. Instead, I added a link to Dreamstime for picture licensing (check my articles, I used them more than Flickr I think). Plus, I implemented a plug-in from AdTaily. Nice one, you can have ads on your site and – even more important – you decide whether to accept or to decline. If you’re asking for the result: AdSense: 0.57 € (used for a total of 5 months) AdTaily: 0.00 € (online for a week, no customers yet – of course) Flattr: 5.24 € (revenue for second half of October)

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Artists Can’t Maintain A Good Relationship With Fans – Or Can They? But how?

October 21, 2010
Amanda Palmer

Oh my… I simply can’t make it to my other posts that are in the pipeline. Studying my reader this morning, there was a post at hypebot, leading me to a blog on Seattle Weekly written by John Roderick, singer for The Long Winters. Interestingly, it’s about the artist/fan relationship. Does that ring a bell? Yep, in the comments to my “Ads vs. flattr” posts I mentioned another article coming up on that issue. Now, before I even could post that, here’s that one by John Roderick. Plus, no other than Suzanne Lainson from BrandsPlusMusic (brilliant writer & strategist) commented […]

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