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October 10, 2010
Wolfgang Senges

Having conceptualised a good part of Berlin music conference all2gethernow’s discussion topics (and organised even more), I suddenly find myself with heaps of thoughts and content not published on ContentSphere. Even worse, ContentSphere has been almost plain blank while working on those topics. It just would be a shame to not make use of it. More than that, these topics are dealing with issues and they are raising questions. I contributed them to a2n because of their relevance in today’s music business. The abstracts of those topics you will find on a2n’s schedule which is still accessible. The link to […]

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Free Music Archive Hosts all2gethernow Compilation of Creative Commons Music

October 7, 2010
Free Music Archive

I told you, we soon would change the main host for the files – due to GEMA (Germany’s collecting society). Hosting the files myself would make my blog a shop – even if the download’s for free. Plus I would have to report the hosting to GEMA, despite the fact it’s all Creative Commons music. It’s crazy but it’s a fact. And here we are! At the a2n event, I met Jason Sigal. He’s the man behind Free Music Archive. FMA is based on a brilliant idea: archiving free music under making it accessible at a kind of one-stop service. […]

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Why Jay Frank (FutureHit.DNA/CMT) Fails: It’s Longevity That Artists Need, Not Chart Success

January 12, 2010
Book: "Future Hit DNA"

Browsing my Google Reader today I stumbled into Kyle Bylin’s interview with Jay Frank of Futurehit.DNA and CMT (a division of MTV Networks) at hypebot. Jay’s new book “FutureHit.DNA – How The Digital Revolution Is Changing Top 10 Songs” you can download for free on his site. Well, of course the digital revolution has changed music. But there are some claims of his that I do not necessarily agree to in the way Jay puts it. It’s a bit of context that’s missing. First of all, you might easily forget about the fact that he’s talking about chart music only. […]

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all2gethernow: Documentation is here.

November 22, 2009

Finally. Editing of videos, compiling all material and statements took more time than expected. But it’s – almost – done. Unfortunately, most statements are available in German only. Yet some of the sessions were held in English. I’m still missing the sessions on collection societies and DIY marketing, the latter featuring Amanda Palmer and Georgia Wonder. Though one video I’m sure you will enjoy: Amanda Palmer live at Münze Berlin (almost 80 minutes). Right now, the documentation on Vimeo lists 59 videos. This includes statements from participants right after panels they were involved in as well as full videos of […]

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Cellonaut: On Music Industry, Self-Marketing, Financing 2.0, and Free Content

June 5, 2009

The interview is now online on Vimeo in full (German language). To view part 4 & 5 right here on this site, just click the link for more. To read any article related to the interview, simply click the tag for Wolfram Huschke. Part 4 of the interview includes Wolfram Huschke‘s answers concerning music industry, self-marketing as an artist, and the issues of financing 2.0. Aspects of the latter in particular are crowdsourcing and services like

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Wolfram Huschke: Transcription of Interview, Pt. 1/5 (Music)

June 2, 2009
Wolfram Huschke

Wolfram Huschke: Transcription of Interview, Pt. 1/5 (Music) by Wolfgang Senges is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Germany License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting Our interview is arranged at 4pm. While staying at Trier (he’s going to have a second, more improvised concert the next day), Wolfram Huschke is spending his days… no, that’s not quite correct. His days are filled with practicing, rehearsals, interviews, and even preparing for more projects. So, I’m invited to General Music Director Victor Puhl‘s house where Wolfram Huschke is guesting.

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