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Mad Machinery: DJ Shiftee & NI Traktor DJ Hit The Streets

by Wolfgang Senges on April 4, 2013 in Marketing & Promotion, Music Production & Gear

DJ Shiftee: Promo video for Native Instruments Traktor DJ

No comment. Love it.
Thanks to Ronny from Kraftfuttermischwerk for his post.

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Cultural Commons Collecting Society with Jason Sigal (FMA) & Chris Zabriskie at SXSW 2013

by Wolfgang Senges on March 19, 2013 in Copyright, Events, Musicians


Registered trademark / all rights reserved by SXSW

[For slides see post page] Last year, Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S) submitted an entry to SXSW’s Panel Picker. You may remember our call to arms to help vote for us in late August. Actually, and only with the help of our supporters, we made it.

The session “C3S: Putting the Revenue in Creative Commons” has been held last week on Wednesday. It’s an introduction to why it’s not reasonable but longtime overdue to launch a collecting society based on Creative Commons, new technology and a democratic foundation. In fact, it was the first ever presentation of C3S outside of Europe.

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Bending Creativity: DIY Electronica Hardware

by Wolfgang Senges on March 3, 2013 in Music Production & Gear, Technology

copyright by Tanner Galvin

© by Tanner Galvin: Circuit Bending Artistry

Since I relaunched ContentSphere last week, I think it’s the perfect time to try other things on this playground. You should have noticed the various categories I’m now linking to – and one of them is music gear. Music production tools. Gadgets.

I always love to visit Oliver Chesler‘s blog “wire to the ear”. Better known as The Horrorist, he presents his own view on tech & gear. Which is pretty inspiring. The most current blog post features Tanner Galvin, a so called “circuit bender” from Portland, Oregon. More exactly, it’s the short documentary about Tanner, filmed by Craig Mederios. As Tanner himself describes it, by circuit bending you repurpose electronic circuits in a way they are not meant to be used. So he turns given up plastic toys into unique works of audio art.

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“SpaceNight” und Creative Commons: Wie das Zusammenspiel aussehen kann.

February 20, 2013

Tobias Schwarz macht’s öffentlich: Der Bayerische Rundfunk startet im Herbst wieder seine Reihe “SpaceNight” – aber nach einer Umgestaltung des Konzepts. Dass ein Kernstück des Re-Launchs die durchgängige Verwendung von Musik unter Creative-Commons-Lizenzen ist, freut mich und die Netaudio-Szene natürlich insbesondere. Gemeinsam mit anderen Kollegen der C3S (Cultural Commons Collecting Society) hatte ich – wie wohl so ziemlich jeder, der CC-Musik auch nur ein wenig kennt – genau diesen Schritt als naheliegende Alternative vorgeschlagen (Facebook Link). Explizit formuliert hat es Christian Grasse in seinem öffentlichen Brief an den zuständigen Redakteur Werner Reuß des Bayrischen Rundfunks. Ebenso wie Christian würde ich […]

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[Press Release] One Stop, All Screens: Songpier Launches Comprehensive Solution For Facebook, Desktop And Mobile

January 27, 2012
Songpier: One Stop All Screens

2012/01/27, Munich – Starting today, Songpier offers a unique promotion platform for artists covering all screens. Based on Songpier’s web apps, artists and labels alike are now able to build high quality, glossy presentation kits for Facebook, desktop, tablet computers and smartphones at the same time. Build once, cover all on-the-go. A finalist for MidemNet Lab mobile app of the year at Midem 2011, Songpier sets another milestone by announcing to extend its mobile application to full compatibility with Facebook pages as well as with common desktop browsers. The availability of myriads of tools for online promotion allows independent artists […]

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[Press Release] Songpier Announces Distribution Deal With SGC Media For Australian Market

December 4, 2011

12/01/2011, Munich/Brisbane – Starting immediately, marketing agency SGC Media oversees distribution for free app building service Songpier in Australia. With a strong background in new media and online marketing for clients such as MGM Distribution, John Butler Trio and music conference BIGSOUND, SGC Media qualifies as being the best. A finalist for MidemNet Lab mobile app of the year at this year’s Midem music conference, Songpier allows any artist to upload content and create their own mobile app, free of charge.

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[Press Release] Songpier Apps’ New Release Featuring Analytics, Label Accounts and Video Streaming

November 7, 2011
Data Analysis in Songpier

7 Nov. 2011, Munich/Berlin – At music conference all2gethernow 2011, pierlane announced a major update to the company’s app service Songpier – the most important one since Songpier’s launch. It enables all artists to get backend access to the statistics of their apps, including analytics of views, device types and platforms. No stopping here, as Songpier opens up for video streaming now – allowing links from YouTube and Vimeo. On top of that, Songpier is offering label accounts matching the demand in managing a roster of multiple artists with a single account. Analytics of distribution channels and access to songs […]

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